About This Station

This station has been established in july 2012.
In this weather station we are using Davis Vantage Pro 2 devices.

The weather station is located 70 meters above sea level.
Security cameras cover the property area.

Vantage Pro 2 ISS (pictured below). ISS consists a rain collector, heat and humidity sensors.
The measurement data is sent using the wireless transmitter on 866 MHz frequency to the console.
Daytime Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield Kit is added to the ISS to increase the heat-moisture sensors accuracy.
The sensors are placed in chamber and fan draws outside air over the temperature and humidity sensors around 2.5 m / s.
Power to ISS is obtained from solar panel.
The Panel gives energy to the wireless transmitter, ISS and day-time fan and charges the super capacitor for night operation.
Lithium battery provides backup on cloudy, wintry days. ISS is mounted 2 m above the ground.

Davis VP 2 ISSDavis VP 2 ISS on pole

Vantage Vantage Pro 2 anemometer (pictured below) is "separated" from ISS, and is installed on the top of 12 meter TV-pole.
The measurement data is sent using the wireless transmitter on 866 MHz frequency.
Anemometer and a wireless transmitter have power from solar panel, which is installed on the root of the pole.

Davis VP2 anemometriDavis VP2 anemometri pole

Snow depth measurement (pictured below).
Snow depth values are being read visually from the measuring stick which is installed on to the pole of ISS.
Snow depth measuring values are being manually entered to the system via Weather Display software Input Daily Weather feature.

Snow depth measurement stickSnow depth measurement stick winter

Vantage Pro 2 console (pictured below) is located inside the house. The console receives data from the ISS and anemometer wirelessly.
The console runs on batteries. The AC adapter is there, but it is usually not needed.
The console receiving measurement data: The wind speed and direction of about every 3. seconds, the amount of rain about every 25. seconds, ambient temperature at intervals of about every 10 seconds and humidity about every 1. minute intervals.
From console the data is transferred via USB data logger to the PC where the data are processed.

On the left side menu item: VP 2 console from which you access the console real-time display

Davis VP2 Console

Computer. (Shuttle Barebone XS35GT Intel Atom, Win 7 32bit, Weather Display) information is provided from the console on every 2 seconds. 
Website is updated approximately every 20 seconds. Website weather data is collected using Weather-Display software. 


Weatherstation is member of several weather communitys and transmits data to those sites.

FinWX.net Sääasema Espoo-86 Siikajärvi

Europeanweathernetwork.eu Sääasema Espoo

Weather Underground Weatherstation IESPOO10

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